Hi love – grateful that you stopped by and welcome to Coffee With a Splash of Gratitude! I hope to make this a place for some awesome motivation to kick off the week, to chat about life things, and to most importantly learn about living a life full of gratitude, together.

There are three things that make our world go round: Motivation – Gratitude – Life. You’ll notice that I put Gratitude in the middle of the three – that is because gratitude is the glue that keeps us motivated to live a better life. “Gratitude is the glue that keeps us motivated to live a better life.

This practice is a never ending journey, and the attitude of gratitude is what will help us reach our full potential. So join me, and let’s learn together how we can rock each day – each week – each month – each year – and ultimately rock our lives in a way that we are living to our fullest potential every. single. day.


On an awesomely beautiful mission to spread the practice of living a life full of love – positivity – and gratitude. With the core of this practice starting with you, it is my goal to guide you along on this journey we call life. To show you how truly beautiful you are – inside and out – and how inspiring the world around us truly is.

Daily Affirmations


You are LIGHT!


You are LOVE!

You are – oh so perfectly – YOU!