How was your week?

It’s Sunday! You’ve made it! So proud of you for crushing it this week!

Cannot wait to hear about all the things you are grateful for this week. Hoping that you all had a week filled with love – joy – and awesome energy!

So let’s take a look into my gratitude journal!


  • Today was overall just an amazing day! I’m so grateful that I got to meet some new people and spend the day just doing life things with him.
  • We ate so much food that I thought I was going to die…but am grateful for the memories that came from each meal.


  • O.M.G. was I tired today! After a 3 hour drive home last night, and just not feeling well in general, I was beyond tempted to call off of work. So glad that I didn’t end up doing that because I had a quiet day for once allowing me to get so much done.
  • So grateful to be back with Nala as well. Missed her so much this weekend! Also grateful for my parents because they watched her for me this past weekend (thanks mom & dad!).


  • A lot of good things happened today!
  • Found out when my boyfriend leaves to go chase his dreams and am so grateful that he gets to embark on this new journey. Also grateful that I am able to take Monday off to spend the morning with him.
  • At work we took in 5 admissions today and already have 5 more lined up for tomorrow! Busy busy busy…but so worth it!
  • Grateful to be starting to feel better after being so exhausted the past couple of days.


  • Grateful that I had another busy day at work!
  • Spent some time tonight reflecting on the last couple months of my life and I am so grateful for everyone who has entered my life and impacted me in some sort of way. I’ve been blessed to meet so many awesome people lately and am so thankful for their presence in my life!


  • Grateful for the support of those around me as today has been an extremely stressful day.
  • Some stressful things going on in my personal life, but am so grateful for the ways that God & The Universe always manage to work things out.
  • Also so happy that I have not caught any of the illnesses going around at home and at work (knock on wood)! Definitely pounding the vitamin c and elderberry this week!


  • Today has been a bit crazy….heck this whole week has been crazy. With that being said though, in the midst of all the crazy I had the chance to meet some great people that have played a pivotal role in my boyfriend’s life the past 5 years. I’m in awe at the love everyone has for him.
  • Excited to spend the rest of the weekend here with him!


  • Today was such a great day! Emotional, but great!
  • Started the day off with an amazing writing session filled with love and gratitude.
  • Did some life things and just hung out all day. Beautiful day!
  • Reflecting back on the week, there have been many emotions but all of them relate to being so utterly happy with my life. Even with the negative there has come ten times more positive. I am so grateful for my life and even more grateful for the people in it!

But enough about my week…how was yours!? I’d love to hear about it!


Ang ❤

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