Positivity is key!


We’re at the start of another week that is going to be full of love – positivity – and gratitude!

Before we get into the motivational piece of this week, I want to touch on something I have noticed lately in not only my life, but the lives of others around me, and in general just everywhere I go.

It seems to be that life has a negative connotation to it lately. Everywhere I go and everyone I see/talk to are speaking words of negativity which I can tell are influencing their lives in a negative way. I don’t know if it is just the time of year, that we’re all over the cold and gloomy weather, or what it is…all I do know is that we need to nip it in the butt! Life is meant to be celebrated, not overlooked.

To kick off this week I want you to look closely at yourself and your life. Make a list of words to describe you/your life lately. If there are any negative words that you wrote down, that’s a good thing, we are going to take these words and focus on them.

Focus on the negative!? Why would we do that? You’ll see. 🙂

So let’s say, for the purpose of this exercise, that you wrote down the words “not smart enough” (whether it be in school, work, life in general…it doesn’t matter).

For every negative word/phrase you are using to describe you & you life lately we are going to focus on turning them around into positive words. This in turn will help you feel emotionally more positive – lead you to live a more positive life – and most importantly make you believe that you are better than those words.

Going back to “not smart enough.” We are going to take this phrase and turn it into “I am smart enough.” We are going to write this three times for each and every negative word/phrase we wrote down.

  • Not smart enough → I am smart enough, I am smart enough, I am smart enough

*** Not only are we going to just write the positive…I want you to say the positive phrases out loud to yourself – with confidence – as you write them. ***

Practice this everyday this week. Take the initial list of words that you wrote down and rewrite them with our list of positives each day.

Let’s make today positive – let’s help others turn the negative energy around – and let’s rock the week!

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