Saturday Reflection

Having a low-key Saturday night and reflecting back on the week. How are you spending your Saturday!?


  • Grateful for time spent reflecting on awesome moments & life while getting coffee with great friends. ❤
  • Glad that I finally have a fully clean apartment! Thank God!!


  • Today emotions have been running high. Thankful to have the time to reflect on these emotions – practice yoga to bring myself back to center – meditation.
  • Spent hours on creating new content for the following weeks – feeling super accomplished today.


  • Grateful to have opportunities to volunteer through work, and to have met some amazing people today!
  • Grateful for good conversation with loved ones.
  • New coffee shops – sparking creativity in so many ways!


  • Such a beautiful day today!
  • Finally was able to get my butt out of bed to start morning workouts again. The struggle was real – but it was worth it.


  • So grateful to have the chance to catch up with old friends and coworkers!
  • Grateful for new opportunities that are presenting themselves at a time that I didn’t even know I needed them to.


  • Grateful that it is FINALLY the weekend! It has been a crazy couple of days.
  • So grateful for random signs that pop up – showing you that you’re meant to be on the path you’re on. ❤
  • More puppy cuddles.


  • Celebrating my niece’s 5th birthday today! Feeling so old.
  • Grateful to be surrounded by family.
  • FaceTime dates. ❤

There you have it – just a small peak into some of the things I’ve been grateful for this week. Hopefully you’ve had an awesome week filled with so much love & positivity!


Ang ❤

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