Good Food – Old Friends – Awesome Family

Happy Sunday! Hopefully you’re spending the day with loved ones or relaxing a bit before the start of the work week. For me I spent the morning cleaning, working out, journaling, and now reflecting back on the week.

Here’s this week’s reflection! 🙂


  • Took some time to myself today – caught up on some reading & work.
  • Grateful for puppy time as well.


  • Grateful for this gorgeous weather! Definitely helps brighten my day. 🙂
  • Beyond grateful for the new opportunities that are presenting themselves.


  • Spent time with some residents at work today – so great having good conversation with them!
  • Grateful for yet another beautiful day and that I had the chance to be outside for part of it.
  • Grateful for yoga. ❤


  • It’s been a busy week so far but have enjoyed every second of it.
  • Grateful for my health and that I’m able to exercise…would definitely go nuts without it. ‍


  • It’s Friday eve!
  • So grateful for the beautiful weather and that I have a job that allows me to be outside for work.


  • Had my first coaching session today and it went amazing! Can’t wait to see what comes of it. ☺️


  • Grateful for great conversation and loving support.
  • Good food and fun times with family.
  • Chicken wings! ❤

Would love to hear all about the awesome things that happened for you this week! & until next time, have a good one!


Angelina ❤

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