Daily Affirmations

Good morning and happy Monday! It is a fresh start to a new week. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down, and prepare yourself for some kick a** motivation!

Last week we focused on spreading kindness to others. This is the week to focus on you. When you get up from reading this and are getting ready for the day – look in the mirror and tell yourself “I am beautiful, I am strong, I am love!” Repeat this three times:

“I am beautiful, I am strong, I am love!”

I am beautiful, I am strong, I am love!


If you’re feeling a bit “extra,” do this every time you find yourself looking in a mirror throughout the day. Practice this every morning when you wake up – and make sure you say it with power and conviction. These three little phrases will radiate off of you to others, and most importantly set the tone for your day and your week. I mean after all, don’t we want to start the day off feeling like we are love? And who better to love yourself than you? ❤

Even if you have a few hiccups or moments of negativity during the week ahead, just remember at the end of the day you are beautiful, you are strong, and you are love.

4 thoughts on “Daily Affirmations

  1. Thank you for this! What an incredible way to start the week! I sadly, found this on a Friday but nonetheless, I found it. I took your advice and started my Friday with these 3 simple affirmations. Now on to a beautiful day and an even greater weekend!

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