Snap Reactions – Becoming Self-Aware

Being human we all have a reaction to everything. As we know these reactions are either negative or positive, and both are associated with our feelings. Last week we discussed the practice of daily-journaling. This week we are going to build on this practice in regards to our feelings and the reactions we have in certain moments.

There are many ways we can benefit from tracking/monitoring our feelings – but for the sake of not making this post 5 hours long, let’s focus on monitoring our feelings in regards to the reactions we have.

Positive reactions are great reactions to have! We all know this – and we also know that when we have a positive reaction we feel positive, and in turn we act in a positive way. With positive feelings and reactions take note of where this positivity is stemming from. Jot this note down in your journal, phone, or wherever you can as we want to have this to look back on.

Negative reactions, you guessed it, are not so great reactions to have. Along with positive reactions – when we have a negative reaction we feel negative, and in turn we act out in a negative way. The negative feelings that we have associated with our reactions is where taking note is key. We want to do our best to figure out where this negativity is stemming from. Jot this down as well so you have it to reflect on.

The trends and patterns from our positive & negative feelings directly feed into what I like to call Snap Reactions. These are sudden reactions that we have in regards to a certain event/situation. The snap reactions we have can easily show us just how quickly our feelings/emotions change in a split second – or how through the practice of being self-aware we are able to learn how to control these reactions or bring ourselves back to center fairly quick after having the reaction.

As you probably know, the definition of snap is sudden or sharp. Having a snap reaction that is negative can really affect our emotional state in a negative way. These negative reactions also show that we have some sort of negative feeling going on, and the event to cause this reaction just so happened to bring the negativity out of us. This right here is why we want to take note of these reactions.

When taking note let’s focus on three questions:

  1. What caused this reaction? Is it positive or negative?
  2. What was my reaction? Describe in as much detail as possible.  
  3. Where do I feel this feeling (positive or negative) is stemming from?

At the end of each day – week – or month take a few minutes to reflect back on what you’ve documented. Do you notice a pattern in your reactions? Is this pattern positive or negative? If negative, this is where we tie in our practice of being grateful for the small things in life – as well as the fact that we are aware enough to notice this pattern.

Take the negative pattern – make it a goal of yours to break this pattern – and really start to focus on the positive in every situation.

The way we can break negative snap reactions and feelings is by doing one thing. That thing is simply striving to live each day in the most positive mindset possible.

If you’re having a bad day, fight to see the positive in the bad moments. This is something that we have to train ourselves to do. For most, this is a process that may not come easy (I’m living proof of that)…but one thing I can tell you is that the process is worth it. It is life changing, not only for you – but for those that will feed off of your positive energy as well. ❤

So stay grateful my friends – and Happy Hump Day!

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