Dream Big Or Don’t Dream At All

“Dream big or don’t dream at all.” – I couldn’t tell you who said this (I searched the internet high and low), BUT what I can tell you is that whoever it was is wrong!

Who’s to tell you how to dream!? NO ONE – that’s who!

Dreams – or as I like to call them – GOALS are one of the key things that keep us motivated.

Whether they’re big dreams or little dreams…a dream is a dream. Let’s kick this week off with writing down three of these dreams (goals) for three sections of our life.

Section 1: This Week

Write down three goals you want to achieve this week. They can be anything from starting to eat healthier, hitting your weekly goal a day early, anything.

Section 2: This Month

Again – write down three goals you want to achieve this month. These goals can also be anything you’d like. They can be re-obtainable on a month-to-month basis even.

Section 3: This Year

This is the big one! The mother of all goal lists. Similar to the other two sections – write down three goals you want to achieve this year. Really think long and hard about these goals.

Don’t be afraid to dream big – if others try to tell you that they don’t agree with your dreams – remember that they’re YOUR dreams, not theirs. Surround yourself with those who support you and your dreams.

Chase your dreams – and don’t ever stop!

Happy Monday loves! Make today great – chase those dreams – and who knows….you may even inspire others to do the same along the way! 🙂 ❤

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