Motivation – The Choice is Yours

We – as humans – are motivated by various things. Whether it be to get a good mark on a test, hitting that home run, finally asking your crush out, or reaching a financial goal. Everything we aim to achieve is driven by motivation.

Motivation is key to achieving your dreams. Without it you wouldn’t have any fuel to keep the fire going. It is how you choose to utilize the nine types of motivation that will lead you to success.

Out of the nine there are two main types of motivation. Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation. These are the two major categories that the remaining seven types fall under.

Intrinsic Motivation

This type of motivation is one where you are motivated by internal desires. For example, the desire to lose weight because you want to feel healthier and happier is a desire that comes from within. Thus motivating you to work hard at losing the weight.

Extrinsic Motivation

In comparison to Intrinsic Motivation – this type of motivation is when you are motivated by an external desire. For example, instead of wanting to feel healthier and happier – your significant other is pressuring you to lose weight. The motivation to lose the weight is now coming from and external source.

Smaller Forms of Motivation

The remaining types of motivation will fall under one of the two above categories. There is no specifics as to whether they fall under Intrinsic or Extrinsic – as everyone is different. The desires you may have under each of these categories can be internal or external.

Reward-Based Motivation

Reward-Based Motivation – also known as Incentive Motivation – is utilized when you know you will receive a certain award at the end of achieving your goal(s). Knowing that there is something to look forward to will drive you to be more determined to finish the task at hand. The better the reward – the higher the motivation.

Achievement-Based Motivation

Titles are very important to some people in many areas of their lives. One who is constantly driven to reach the next position in their job, or retain a certain title, are typically motivated by achievement. Those who use Incentive Motivation are focused on the rewards offered after achieving a task – whereas those who use Achievement-Based Motivation focus on reaching their goals for the sake of achievement.

Fear-Based Motivation

When it comes to motivation or anything at all, the word “fear” tends to have a negative connotation. When it comes to motivation this does not have to be the case. Fear = accountability.

Accountability plays a huge role in achieving our goals. When you become accountable you create a deeper rooted motivation due to the fear of failure. Fear is what helps you carry out your goal(s) as you do not want to fail in-front of those who are aware of your goals.

Power-Based Motivation

Those who want to make a change are driven by power. Power-Based Motivation is a motivation that energizes one to take control – typically done through positions or organizations. This type of motivation may seem like, and can be, a bad thing – but for those who really want to make a massive change for the better, this is the key form of motivation that drives them.

Competence Motivation

For those of us that strive to be the best at what we do – Competence Motivation is key. Having the drive to learn all there is to know about a hobby or work is what will help you excel greatly in achieving your goals. This is extremely helpful in facing/dodging obstacles thrown at you in life.

Affiliation Motivation

The phrase “it’s not what we do, it’s who we know that dictates our success” is around for a reason – and that reason is Affiliation Motivation. Those who use this type of motivation thrive in opportunities to work with those who are higher up than them. In return, those who are driven by this also thrive on receiving compliments for their achievements.

Affiliation Motivation is a great tool to use when trying to achieve social goals and to move up in the social world as well.

Attitude Motivation

Attitude Motivation is the most important type of motivation there is. This form of motivation comes to those that desire to to change the way they think about and see the world around them, and how they see themselves. Goals of self-awareness and change will be met with attitude motivation.

For those who tend to see the world more negatively – Attitude Motivation will help you recover your thoughts and move forward with a more positive outlook on life. Thus making it possible to achieve any goal you set your mind to.

Achieving Your Dreams

If you want to achieve your dreams – motivation is vital. No matter what type of motivation fuels your fire, achieving your goals and dreams is more possible than ever. It all begins with the right mind set. Know your goals and work to achieve them one step at a time. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your motivation.

11 thoughts on “Motivation – The Choice is Yours

  1. Who would have thought there were this many kinds of motivation? My personal favorite is competence motivation. As a new blogger, I strive to be the best at what I do and I enjoy every minute that I’m learning more about it! This was a great post with such insightful information!

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  2. As a teacher, I studied all about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation,but I never knew about the other types. I can see how affiliation and attitude motivation can be useful.

    Liked by 1 person

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