Walk Forward

For many of us – we may not have the best track record when it comes to our past. Whether it is decisions we’ve made – circumstances that were out of our control – or a bit of both, these things do not define us.

I’ll be honest, it is difficult to not let past experiences define who we are today. After all if it weren’t for our experiences we wouldn’t be who we are today right? Yes, our past experiences are what have helped shape and mold us into the awesomely beautiful people we are today – but this does not mean that we have to let them dictate our internal/emotional state.

Moving Forward From Here

There are a few steps we can take to move forward from our experiences. This process will bring up old emotions that have been buried for years – but it is good to experiences these emotions in order to heal and move forward with life.

Step 1 – Reflection

The first step in this process is reflection. Take the time to reflect on your experiences – write down the decision/experience and the emotions you have in relation. I’m not talking about the surface emotions you feel – write down the raw emotions. What you feel deep down inside.

After reflecting on these experiences – start to think about your game plan. The plan that is going to help you move forward. What snap reactions can you start to change when these experiences start to surface? How can this experience help you grow – are there any learning lessons?

With this step beginning your process of moving on to a better life – don’t be afraid to seek additional help. Our friends, family, and licensed professionals are here to help. Sometimes the emotions we feel about an event that happened 10 years ago may not make sense. That is ok. The longer we bottle things up – the more we’ll find those are the strongest emotions we have.

We many need to seek additional help to understand these emotions and make sense of them. This is where friends, family and professionals come into play.

This is the hardest step – only smooth sailing from here!

Step 2 – Implementing Your Game Plan

Time to implement your game plan! This step may have some trial and error – and need some tweaking along the way. That’s the beauty of growing as a person. Begin to implement the changes you’ve decided you need to no longer let your past experiences have an immediate effect on your life anymore.

If something doesn’t quite work the way you thought – do not give up. Simply come up with a new approach. Yes, this may become tedious at times – but trust me it will be worth it once  you find what works for you. Finding what works will bring a tremendous feeling of relief – it will take that weight off your shoulders – and can ultimately bring the utmost feeling of happiness to your soul again.

Step 3 – Evolving Your Plan

Over time as you continue to grow as a person you may find that new experiences have popped up that are starting to have the beginning effects of what your past experiences had on you. This is where you evolve your plan of attack to fit your new needs.

Staying stagnant never helped anyone. Think of it this way – the New York Giants didn’t win 4 super bowls without practice and continuously evolving their game plan. If your favorite team can continuously change their approach – so can you!

Step 4 – Show Off The New You

This is the fun part! Share your new-found happiness with the world. If you’re open to it – share your story. You’d be surprised at how many people can relate to your experiences – and the awesome part is, you may even be able to help someone else move forward without even knowing it.

Don’t be afraid to show yourself off – you’ve earned it! If anyone tries to tell you otherwise – don’t let them. Keep pushing forward – and always remember that God/The Universe doesn’t give you anything that you can’t handle. When you find yourself in new experiences, think back to this. You were given these experiences because you are strong.

Step 5 – Now What?

You’ve taken the time to really dig into your past experiences – came up with and implemented your game plan – and are basking in the amazing person that is you. Now what?

This is where YOU decide where you want to take this. As mentioned – you will always continue to evolve your plan. But what else will you do to spread the message of happiness? You don’t have to tell your story in order to share happiness.

We were all put here on Earth to do something great. Use this as the opportunity to take your past and make something great out of it. The experiences you’ve been through have all happened to teach you something. Use them to grow – and help others grow along the way.

You have the power to write your emotional destiny – so what are you waiting for? It’s time to be happy – to be you!

One thought on “Walk Forward

  1. Hi! I really enjoyed reading this post. The steps that you write about completely resonated with me. It takes work to evolve into the person you know you can become. Unfortunately, lots of people give up on themselves too easily or too soon. This is a great reminder for everyone to keep moving forward! Thanks so much! Melissa

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