Reflecting On A Sunday

Hey there and happy weekend! Hopefully you’ve had time to relax and enjoy the nice weather that seems to have finally decided to grace us. This week has been nothing short of hectic and crazy – but has definitely still been great.


  • Grateful for my health and that I started my workouts again today – time to lose that vacation weight!
  • Deep cleaned my place today.
  • Grateful for FaceTime movie dates.


  • Today was the last day of our annual survey and we did amazing. So grateful that I work with a team of awesome professionals and caregivers!
  • Almond butter cookies are what is fueling my soul right now…yum yum, yum!


  • Grateful for work seminars – learned so much today!
  • Blessed to be with someone that is so understanding and compassionate.
  • Grateful for workouts – two-a-days are back in full swing.


  • Had a great meeting at work about a new book we are reading – can not wait to implement new strategies!
  • Love spending time with family. ❤


  • Grateful to have had a busy day at work – keeps me preoccupied during sad times.
  • Thankfully it is finally sunny and getting warmer out!
  • Grateful for my health and that I am able to exercise. Not sure what I would do without it.


  • Grateful to be done with work for the weekend – today was not the best.
  • BUT am so grateful that work got doughnuts for us on – National Doughnut Day!
  • Grateful for FaceTime dinner and movie dates. ❤️


  • Grateful for early mornings – stillness in the air, gratitude and coffee.
  • Spent some time today celebrating new life at baby shower #1 out of 3 this month. Always great to see old friends that I haven’t seen in a while.
  • Grateful for warm weather and sunshine – did some laps in the pool & got my tan on.

So there you have it – a quick recap of my week. I would love to hear about your week/weekend!



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