Keep Being The Light

Hey there. Happy Monday! I don’t know about where you live – but here in Buffalo, NY the Summer weather just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate this year. There has been a briskness in the air that’s making it feel like the fall and most days all it does is rain.

It’s like we can’t shake this funk!

Weather has a major impact not only on the way we feel – but on our motivation as well (especially when it’s June and barely breaking 65 degrees). We need to combat this in more ways than one in order to stay on top. How do we do this!?

  1. Rituals
  2. Positivity
  3. Goal Setting (with a why behind it)
  4. Being The Light

All very simple things that we’re already doing – so I know you’ve got this!


I cannot stress enough the importance of having rituals. Keeping a daily routine that gets you motivated and lifts your spirits is of utmost importance when that fall weather funk just won’t go away.

If you don’t currently have rituals that you are practicing – totally ok! Come back on Wednesday and I’ll share some awesome information on implementing them. 🙂


I’m sure you hear it time-and-time again…”positivity is key!” The reason you’re always hearing this is well, yeah positivity is key. It’s the key factor to keeping your spirit lifted and to wanting to not only do good for yourself, but for others.

Every day do one thing that gives you a little positivity boost. Read an empowering quote – listen to your favorite song – take a walk – anything as long as you’re fueling that fire.

Goal Setting

If you tuned in last Monday – you’re already on your way to setting your goals for the second half of the year. Missed last week? That’s ok you can check out that post here.

Setting your focus for the remainder of the year is one thing. Having your purpose – your why behind your goals is another. This why is what keeps us going. Focus on your purpose and push forward – you’re going to do great things!

Be The Light

Lastly, just simply be the light. Take your rituals, positivity and goals and use these things to be the light in others’ lives. Sharing what keeps you going and what keeps you motivated is what will help others stay motivated. Come up with a weekly ritual that you do with your team at work every Monday to get the week going – help incentivize them to reach their goals – help them find their why.

That right there is motivation.

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