A Saturday Full of Work and Gratitude

Happy Saturday! For a day that was supposed to be gross and rainy – it’s been pretty beautiful and sunny so far. Hopefully you’ve had a wonderful week and will continue to have an even better weekend! 

Let’s jump into this week’s gratitude: 


  • Beyond grateful to see family that I haven’t seen in a couple years and to celebrate their baby boy that’s on the way. 
  • Love spending time with my nieces and nephew. Swimming and baby snuggles are my favorite. 


  • It’s been a crazy busy day at work – but I’m grateful for the caesar salad I had at lunch. So good!
  • Grateful for walks with Nala.
  • Grateful to have my health and workouts. Time to get back on track after a weekend of doing basically nothing healthy. 


  • Grateful for early mornings to really focus on gratitude. 
  • Blessed to have my health be as good as it is and that I haven’t caught any of the colds that have been going around. 
  • Grateful to be starting a new book today! 


  • Grateful for morning puppy cuddles. ❤
  • Today has been a bit all over the place again. Thankful that my numbers at work are looking good!
  • Grateful for cards from residents. 


  • So grateful to have the time tonight to get dinner with family. Love spending time with them – especially my niece.


  • Another busy busy day – but grateful to have the chance to be outside.
  • Nala had her yearly check up today – beyond grateful that she is in good health. She’s definitely crazy though. It took 3 people to hold her just to get her nails cut.


  • Bath time for Nala today – she is not a happy camper this morning.
  • Spending today doing some blog work.
  • Grateful for coffee shops that inspire me.

There you have it. A week full of some things to be grateful for. ❤

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