This week’s reflection is short and sweet due to taking a couple days off from everything. Sometimes we need to unwind and spend time with the people we love and not worry about the online world. 


  • Grateful to see family friends that I haven’t seen in a couple years. 
  • Grateful to be celebrating new life. 


  • I did not have a good night or morning at all – woke up to a huge leak from the ceiling in my bathroom. Grateful that the day has gotten better from there. 
  • Cannot wait to see my boyfriend for the first time in a month tomorrow. ♥️


  • Grateful for a quick day at work. 
  • Beyond grateful for dinner with all the people I love. ♥️


  • Grateful for mini workout dates at Delaware Park.
  • Grateful for time spent with friends and good food. 
  • Grateful for cuddles on the couch while watching The Hills. 


  • Grateful for going back to old date spots to have breakfast.
  • Grateful that the sun is shining and for awesome people. 
  • Grateful to be back where it feels like home with him. 


  • Grateful for time spent gratitude journaling outside. 
  • Grateful for movie dates with cookies, cool whip and ice cream. 


  • Grateful for time spent with people I love.
  • Grateful to be accepted into my boyfriends family with open arms
  • Grateful to embark on the next journey with him in Tampa! ❤

I hope you’ve had an amazing week/weekend – let’s get ready to take on the week with so much power and motivation. See you back here tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. I have always believed on having a “Gratitude Attitude”. It enables us really to have a positive outlook in life and being able to appreciate all the people around us and all the things that we’re blessed to have. This was such a lovely read! =)

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