Living Mindfully – Unplug

The art of living a mindful life as we have been discovering together is a fairly simple task. Most of the things that contribute to living a more mindful life are tasks that we have been doing all along. All that is needed is to add a little more juju to those daily things to reach our full mindful potential. 

Last week we discussed how making our morning coffee can be turned into a mindful living task and kick off each day feeling a bit more at ease. This week however, let’s turn it up a notch and make things a little more challenging. Let’s talk about all things technology and how to know when to disconnect for a bit. 

What I’m really referring to is the thing that is in your hand right now – your cell phone. 

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Mindful Living

Most people who live a mindful life are aware of their cell phone use. They’re hyper sensitive to their environment and if whether or not it is appropriate to have their phone out. This along with a few other factors help aide them in fully practicing mindfulness when it comes to their mobile device. 

Setting Parameters

In order to be mindful of your mobile device usage you need to set parameters for yourself. These can be as simple as making sure you avoid looking at your device when you wake up and right before bed – never start or end the day by checking your email. Others like to leave their mobile device in another room when they’re sleeping – or even at all times (unless needed while at work, etc.). 

A few other parameters that can be set for yourself are: to unplug on Saturdays or when on vacation – stow your phone away while spending time with loved ones – limit screen time – and more. 

The Benefits

Limiting your screen time or even unplugging completely allows you the time to focus on your self care and growth. Use this disconnected time to do the things you love or pick up a hobby – to meditate – anything that makes you happy. 

When it comes to your relationship with others, the more you disconnect from the mobile world the more you’ll grow your relationships. The people who look up from their device/stow it away and look into the eyes of the person they are conversing with have a stronger connection in their relationship. This is simply being mindful of the other party’s time – which rarely happens in the world we live in. 

When you reach the goal of unplugging, whether it’s for a day or a week, notice your surroundings. Make observation of how glued others are to their devices. Do you want to be that person forever or do you want to be the one that enjoys life to the fullest and lives in the moment? 

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6 thoughts on “Living Mindfully – Unplug

  1. I am guilty of not looking in the person’s eye when I’m talking to them. I’m glad those days are in the past, because I hate it! I realize now how rude and disrespectful it is, and so damaging to the relationship. Nowadays I don’t even look at my phone unless I have some work. Great post! Shared!

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    1. Love that you had a moment of self realization and have worked towards being mindful in this way! It can definitely be a struggle to make eye contact especially if you’re someone that is more on the shy side (like me). But once you make that change over to doing so it feels so good to be so connected! Thank you for commenting. ☺️


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