Grateful For Family

It’s Sunday – which means it is time to reflect back on the week! This week has been pretty simple and easy going compared to the last few, but I am still so grateful for many things in life.


  • Grateful for some “me time” today – took the chance to reflect on an amazing week.
  • Spent part of the day creating new content and am feeling so inspired. 


  • The Monday Blues hit me pretty hard today.
  • Grateful to just be alive and well enough to see another day.


  • Grateful for exercise!
  • Grateful for good numbers at work.


  • Grateful to only have 15 more days until I leave for Florida.
  • Grateful for beautiful weather. 
  • Grateful for a semi-laid back day at work. 
  • Grateful for yoga and meditation.


  • Grateful for a decent day at work. 
  • Grateful for potential new opportunities. 


  • Grateful for FaceTime dinner and movie dates. 
  • Grateful to have a bed to sleep in.


  • Grateful for time to reflect and write this morning.
  • Celebrating my dad’s birthday today! Grateful to have such an amazing father. ❤ 
  • Grateful for my family. 
  • Grateful for time to lay out by the pool and read.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and I can’t wait to hear what you’re grateful for. 



5 thoughts on “Grateful For Family

  1. I really like the idea that you write down how your week was and the things you were grateful of each day. It’s a great practice. I think I might add it to my habit as well. I have a gratitude journal but I just write what pops in my head and not necessarily what was great about each day. Thank you!

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