Act Like A Kid Again

For many people the summer is their busy season. Whether it’s with work – the kids – other family – or just being busy in general. Allowing the day in and day out business to consume us until we finally collapse into bed every night. 

How do we break up the monotony of busy days and even busier nights?

Go Back In Time

It’s easy! Think back to when you were a kid. Think of all the things that you loved to do where you didn’t have a care in the world. You simply just had fun. 

Maybe you loved to ride your bike around the neighborhood, loved to go and get ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, loved playing on the jungle gym at the park down the street. Good news is – you can still do all of these things.

Let Your Hair Down

This week let’s focus on at least three nights this week doing something that made you feel so alive as a kid. If you have children now, bring them along with you and give them a taste of the life mom/dad used to live. They’ll love it! 

So let your hair down and let go. Do those things that you used to love to do. Act like a kid again and just have fun. 

Begin to allow yourself to break up the business with some fun activities for you and the family. The yard work will be there tomorrow – but for now just let go and enjoy life. You deserve it. 

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