Find Your Why

What makes you come alive? 

A question not often asked, but when it is – most of us just hem and haw to find an answer. Typically we just say the first thing that pops into our head and sticks.

In order to lead a fulfilling life you must know your purpose, your why. Most people believe that in order to have a fulfilling life one must be rich. This is true, but not in the monetary sense. One must be rich in life. 

How do you become rich in life? It’s easy! You just have to find your why. 

Finding Your Why

As we just discussed, finding your why will lead you to a life of fulfillment. But how do you find your why? 

It Comes From Within

Your why is a feeling that comes from within you. It is that compelling feeling that is the driving force behind the things that you do. Your why is what provides that inner stability in the chaos of life.


In order to find your why you must become self-aware in your thoughts, feelings and habits. Analyzing these three things will help lead you to your why as you will begin to see trends in your behaviors. Begin the practice of writing your thoughts and feelings down.

Analyze Your Values

Take a deep look into your values. These core beliefs are what drive your actions and decisions day in and day out. Analyzing your code of conduct – a.k.a. values – will give you more insight into your why. 

Your Passions

What are you passionate about? Your passions are the interests in life that consistently leave you wanting more. Passions are the things that your friends and family may call you an “expert” in. These are the things that push you to do more and want more. 


Your motivation is what ultimately drives you to your why. These are things that wake you up in the morning and get you excited to take on the day. Motivation leads you to take action with joy. This is the force taken because of your why. 

Your Why

Self-awareness, analyzing your values, your passions and motivation are all what will lead you to your why. Take a hard long look into each of these things and your why will jump out at you. You know your why – it’s right under your nose – you just don’t realize it yet.

Once you’ve discovered your why, use it as the driving force for your life. This will lead you to being beautifully rich in life and give you the fulfillment that you desire and deserve. Remember it is not money that makes us feel alive, it is taking the actions to fulfill our why.

11 thoughts on “Find Your Why

  1. Great post about finding our ‘why’. I’m a big fan of finding our purposes in life and your post made it clear just how important it really is. It also helped me reminding about my ‘why’. Thank you 🙂

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  2. I love how unfussy this blog is. It’s very clean and very clearly laid out which makes it such a joy to navigate around! I also really like how you’ve structured this blog post. The regular use of headings keeps it really interesting. The content itself is awesome and reminds me of Simon Sinek who writes about this same thing!

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