Grateful For Fair Week

It’s Sunday morning and as I sit here reflecting on this past week I have so much to be grateful for. 


  • Grateful for morning coffee dates. 
  • Had the chance to get some sun. 🙂
  • Grateful for my flight being delayed – Anthony and I had the opportunity to get lunch together. ❤
  • Sad to be leaving Florida, but am so grateful for the time I spent there.


  • Grateful to be back at work after a couple days off. 
  • Excited to be preparing for this week/weekend’s events.
  • Grateful to have time to reflect on last weekend’s trip.


  • Grateful for an easy day today. 
  • Sleep is my best friend tonight. Beyond grateful to be able to sleep in a bit tomorrow. 


  • It’s fair week! Here’s to putting in 12-13 hour days for the next 5 days.
  • Beyond grateful for the shower I’m going to take once I finally get home tonight. 


  • Day 2 of the fair – and it’s a bit slow today.
  • Grateful for some down time allowing me time to get ahead on the most recent book I’m reading. 


  • Grateful for morning runs with Nala. 
  • Day 3 of the fair – and I’ve already caved into the deep fried heaven that is fair food. 
  • Grateful for Gyros, deep fried Oreos and candy apples.
  • Grateful to run into family members of residents and to hear how great of a job our staff has done. 


  • Day 4 of the fair – this morning has been a struggle.
  • Grateful for coffee and green tea. Keeping myself awake the best that I can. 
  • Grateful for more fair food (I may have fallen off my diet a bit).
  • Grateful to be able to sleep tonight. 

There you have it – what I’ve been grateful for this week. I hope you had a wonderful week, and enjoy the remainder of your weekend. 🙂 



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