The effort is effortless, with you.

Inspired by a couple at Starbucks not talking.

Oh, I love that on you! What are you wearing? Positivity, she’s happiness, passion, joy, and freedom in all her threads, that outfit is marvelous. Felt a little like Ryan Seacrest for a moment, asking you what designer you are wearing on the red carpet, 

every day is a red carpet, for you, me, us––we MUST walk with such confidence and certainty that effort is effortless

expressing ourselves, 

deepening our relationships,

improving our health,

energy and little fire we got for ourselves,

our emotions––your emotional home is everything.

Hi, original, Ant here! If you don’t know me, I am a speaker, poet, and feeler, I help people write and speak their story in a way that empowers them. Super grateful and pumped to pen a little letter of love for each of you, after being asked my the amazing, Angelina. 

She asked me to elucidate my thoughts and feelings about long-distance and express a few dynamite ways to make it work, but even with that sentence––it seems as though I trapped myself, isn’t it true? Make it work… awareness of the words we use is HUGELY important, and how we talk about, we create feelings that create thoughts that create a model of that thing, in this case, long-distance. Make sense? 

I feel as though, my heart knows no distance. My heart just knows. So I trust it, we must listen and trust it. 

In my relationship, I don’t feel far, actually closer than an unhappy relationship who gets to be in the same bed. Most people never fall in love with who they are first, we must and thus, give our love to that special someone, to our friends, our family, our community.

If we fall into the motions, we get stuck and have to look out for happiness (outside the relationship / e.g. things, trips, etc.) Perhaps, we forgot how to look in, but a few, people like you and me, we are digging in, looking in, feeling alive, passionate, fulfilled, happy and grateful on our terms.

Distance is not hard, it’s part of the story we are writing with our co-author, with our other half and we miss them, yes, but we are so aligned and congruent with our missions, hopes, dreams and visions, we know it will pull us to a “place we call home” in time…

but home is always… where the heart is.

We are not to halves coming together, we are two wholes. Two halves can only grow through so many storms, but two wholes––the effort is effortless.  

In the midst of my travels, most people often ask, “How hard is long distance?” Typically, with a sense of humor, I reply, “How is short distance”?

The effort is effortless, with you, her or him––because do we know that person, or couple so unhappy, but have the perfect everything? Of course, we do and that couple lives in the same place––but do we also know that long-distance couple, who are so creative, passionate and happy it seems like they see each other more than the couple living together? Of course, we do, so why let it be anything when it’s nothing at all if you have her or him…

Who is that for you?

What excites you about them? 

Why is that important to you?

No matter the distance, would it change? 

Have you ever fell in love? Remember, the first six months… baby, Paris sounds lovely let’s do it! After the honeymoon phase, or six years… can you take out the trash? NO!!!! Remember, the effort is effortless if he or she is whole because at some point we all fall back into our program, and if that program is not a positive emotional home, we can never feel happy or help our relationship be,

happily ever after. Love knows no distance, a whole heart will always find the way. 

But, what do I know? I just wrote this inspired by this couple at Starbucks not talking to each other. Surely they are long-distance?

Thank you for being you.


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