Grateful To Be Back

This week has been a bit of a transition to normal work life – but I am so grateful to be back!


  • Day 5 – the last day of the fair! 
  • Grateful for the great conversations I’ve had over the past couple days. 
  • Grateful to be back home in my own bed. 


  • Oh man am I sleepy today. 
  • Grateful to be able to leave work a bit early due to not feeling well. 
  • Grateful for Sunflowers. 


  • Ended up leaving work a little early again today – grateful to have the ability to work from home. 
  • Grateful for FaceTime dates. ♥️


  • Grateful for time to really clean my place tonight. 
  • Grateful that Nala is always so excited to see me when I get home. 
  • Grateful for time to learn and grow. 


  • Grateful to wake up feeling refreshed today.
  • Grateful that the stormy weather stopped just in time for me to be outside for work.
  • Took my very first spin class today and man am I hooked! Grateful for a kick butt workout – can’t wait to go back Saturday! 


  • Grateful to have woken up feeling good today! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this refreshed. 
  • Grateful for FaceTime Netflix dates. ❤ 


  • Had another kick a** workout this morning! 
  • Grateful for new found energy/motivation to go shopping and meal prep. Decided to make soup while eating some oatmeal- I guess you could say I’m ready for Fall. 
  • Grateful for time to sit down and write as well. It’s been a very productive day. 🙂 

A lot of times life throws a curveball at us. Whether it be a cold or a wrench in our plans for the day – as long as we continue to be grateful for the little things everything will work out just fine. Have a great rest of your weekend loves! 



2 thoughts on “Grateful To Be Back

  1. Love the positivity radiating from this post! I instantly felt more optimistic. I like to start the day with “I get to…”. Another spin on feeling grateful :). Thanks for the great post!

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