Why We Move

Movement. Movement is so important. When it comes down to feeling energized, alive and ready to tackle the day – a bit of movement is all you need (well besides coffee of course). 

So, let’s break down why we should move and some ways to get that energy flowing!

Why We Move 

Mental Health

(Please do not rely on exercise alone if you struggle with mental health. I urge you to consult your physician before incorporating exercise to reduce symptoms as they will be able to give you further insight into the benefits.)

Fist – and in my opinion most importantly – movement helps improve one’s mental health. By exercising regularly you can reduce anxiety. Through movement you can reduce the reactivity of your brain’s fight-or-flight system.

Another great benefit of movement is reducing depressive symptoms. There is a protein in our brain called BDNF – regular exercise can boost the growth of this protein which in turn is a mood booster. 

Regular exercise through meditative movement can bring huge benefits to the table as well. Movements such as yoga or thai chi can help reduce depressive symptoms and even the severity of post-traumatic stress disorder.  

Regulate Digestion

Just like any other muscle in your body, your intestines need to stay in shape to perform to the best of their ability. With regular movement we stimulate intestinal circulation which results in regularity. The more regular we become, the more we can rid toxins from our body. This also helps with skin issues as the toxins will be less likely to rid themselves through the skin – resulting in fewer blemishes. 

Boost Energy 

Who doesn’t love a good spurt of energy!? I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to have more sustained energy for longer periods of time. This is attainable all through movement. 

Movement delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in your body which results in the cardiovascular system being more efficient. This in turn gives you more energy throughout the day, as your heart and lungs are working in a more productive, clear manner. 

Improve Circulation

Getting your blood flowing through movement has many great benefits. One of which is improving your circulation. Movement increases your heart rate which gets your blood flowing. This helps nourish your skin cells and keep them clear – through the oxygen and nutrients flowing the blood stream. 

With this blood flow, you’re also helping your body get rid of waste. The increased blood flow to your liver aides in it getting rid of your cellular waste. Think of it like a facial from within your body. 

Morning Movement


As mentioned above, yoga is a great form of movement that can help improve your mental health. There are many forms of yoga that can be practiced. If practicing this form of movement to kick off your day, I highly recommend focusing more on the balance poses. Through these poses you can focus on your breathing and get some meditation in as well. 


High Intensity Interval Training is movement that will kick your a**. The good thing about these movements is that you can go through this training in as little as seven minutes up to as much as over an hour. The time frame is up to you. Even with as little as a seven minute workout you’re able to get your heart rate up and improve your circulation. 

Weight Training

Do you even lift bro? 

Weight training is a great form of movement that really allows you to hone in on your individual muscle groups. Whether you’re looking to tone or grow your muscles, this exercise will help you focus the flow of oxygen to each muscle group. I recommend incorporating weight training into your movement rotation 2-3 times a week. 


If a little cardiovascular boost is what you’re looking for – running/cycling is the right fit for you. These two forms of movement (or any cardio based movement) will boost your heart rate and get the blood flowing. Not only will you get a good sweat going, you’ll flush out those toxins at the same time. 

Other Forms of Movement

There are many other forms of movement that you can do to boost your energy. For the sake of keeping this on the shorter side, I listed the ones that seem to be most popular today. Along with other forms of movement – there are also many more benefits to getting yourself up and moving. 

So get ready to boost that energy and get the week going with at least seven minutes of movement each morning. Incorporate this into your routine for at least 21 days and see how good you feel. I promise it’s worth it. 

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