Smile Often

Gratitude is not only a practice but one of the most powerful emotions we can experience. In my opinion it’s a close runner up to love. If you think about it – we can’t even truly experience love without first experiencing gratitude. 

Crazy right!? 

Anyhow, today is not about love (that’s to come at a later time) – it’s about smiling and how we can experience gratitude through this simple action. Taking the tiny little steps to just smile, and smile often can change your life. 

Don’t believe me? That’s ok, keep reading and I’ll show you what I’m talking about! 


The quote shown above describes how your smile can bring happiness. This isn’t only the case for others, but for yourself as well. You see, we’re responsible for our own happiness. What better way to be happy than to smile?

When you smile you spark the joy within yourself. This in turn radiates off of you and on to others. Thus making them feel happy as well. 

Bringing things full circle, there is no better way to feel happiness than becoming happy because you’re able to bring that joy into someone else’s life.

Alongside being utterly happy from smiling, it can also help combat depression and stress. Putting a fake smile on will eventually turn into a real one. Which will then help boost your mood and lift the feelings of stress. 

Smile Through

Even with the most daunting tasks, if you start with a smile and keep it on all the way through you’ll notice that they aren’t so bad after all. Smiling through the hard things in life is what will keep that spark of hope and joy going. This is the very thing that pulls you through. 

This is a tool you can use for every task in life. Whether it’s a fun task, a boring task, or the most dreaded task of the day – keeping a smile on will allow you to think more positively of the task at hand…WHICH will help you become grateful. 

This right here is how you can welcome gratitude into the parts of life you normally wouldn’t feel grateful for. 


Once you open your heart and mind up through smiling and sparking that joy, you can truly experience how amazing of an emotion gratitude is. This emotion is not one made up of positivity alone – it has depth to it. Gratitude is a deep rooted emotion that touches the soul.

By allowing yourself to experience gratitude in the parts of life you normally wouldn’t smile through – you are helping open your heart to so much more that life has to offer. You’ll start to notice that you’re enjoying the things you used to dread because they have a new found meaning to them. 

Ride this new found gratitude train way past the station and never look back. Trust me, you’ll be so thankful later. 

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