Grateful For A Good Week

Happy Sunday!!! I let myself sleep in a bit today and oh man did it feel great. Now taking a break from cleaning to drink some coffee and reflect on the past week. 


  • Grateful for brunch with old friends. 
  • Grateful for time to cook yummy soup for lunch this week. 


  • Grateful for the support system I have.


  • Grateful for good communication – this is vital in any relationship.
  • Grateful to be alive and healthy. 


  • At work today we went on a management outing for team building. Grateful for how fun it was…even if my painting didn’t turn out the best. lol. 


  • Grateful for a busy day at work. 
  • Love meeting new people and having awesome conversations. 


  • Grateful to have today off! 
  • Grateful for a great mid-day spin class. Totally kicked my butt. 
  • Grocery shopping to calm me, which led to a very tasty lunch. 
  • Grateful that placement day for cheerleading went so well! 


  • Grateful to start the morning off with the windows open and a cool breeze, morning coffee and gratitude journaling. 
  • Love spending time with family. Grateful to be celebrating my mom’s birthday today! 

I love that I am blessed enough to see the positive in most situations. Thus allowing me to be so grateful for my life. 

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