The 5 Most Common Bad Habits and How To Break Them

Bad habits, we all have them. Some worse than others of course. But then there are those habits that haunt the majority of us. The bad habits that we let sneak into our daily lives without even realizing how bad they are. 

With all bad habits come good ones as well. Each habit that we break we should simultaneously replace them with a habit that is good for us. 

Through general observation and asking those around me I’ve come to realize that there are five, not so beneficial, habits that most of us seem to have (myself included). I want to help you take a deeper dive into them and learn how we can work together to break them. 

Habit #1: Hitting The Snooze Button

This is a habit that I’m definitely guilty of. Hitting the snooze button is one of those habits that can seem so rewarding (I mean who doesn’t want an extra 9 minutes of sleep?) but is actually so bad. A productivity killer. 

Think about it – when you hit the snooze button one, two or three times, do you wake up feeling groggy and underwhelmed to start the day? Compare this feeling to how you feel on the off-chance you get out of bed the first time your alarm goes off. Total opposites. 

If you notice that you, like me, tend to reach for the snooze button way too often there’s good news. This is an easy fix through a couple of different options. 

  • Option 1: Set your alarm for the time you wake up after hitting the snooze button, and wake up at that time no ifs, ands or buts. Chances are your body just needs the extra few minutes of sleep.
  • Option 2: Set your alarm and place your phone across the room (make sure the volume is on high). This will force you to get out of bed when your alarm goes off.
  • Option 3: Purchase a physical alarm clock. I know a couple of people who have gone this route and they said it has worked wonders for them. Yes it’s very old school, but hey if it works it works. This option also forces you to put the phone away (which is always a good thing before bed).

Habit #2: Screen Time In The Morning

We’re all guilty of this one. Anyone that has a cell phone in today’s world has the automatic temptation to check their phone first thing in the morning. Most of us use it as our alarm clock thus making the temptation so much higher.. 

The temptation to check our email, scroll through Instagram, read through Daily Mail, and so much more – is so very real. With that being said, there are ways to avoid this temptation. It all starts with your morning routine. 

Making slight adjustments to your daily routine can make all the difference in the world. Instead of going right for your phone, shut your alarm off and head right into the next portion of your routine. Believe it or not, this can actually speed up your morning allowing you more time to sit and scroll before work. 

Who doesn’t love mindlessly scrolling through Facebook before work? 

Habit #3: Screen Time Before Bed

You guessed it. Screen time first thing in the morning is just as bad as screen time before bed. Well, before bed might be the worse of the two.

This is another habit that I tend to be guilty of as well. Whether I’m watching Netflix or answering emails, the screen time is equally as bad. 

We should give ourselves at least 20 minutes of no screen time before bed. Thus allowing our brain to relax and unwind from the day. The more stimulation (a.k.a. screen time) we have before bed – the more our brain is going to work. 

Try swapping out your phone for a book and watch how naturally you fall asleep. You may even sleep better at night too. 

Habit #4: Procrastination

Oh boy is this a habit that a lot of us seem to carry. You can be one of the most productive people out there and still procrastinate in some area of your life. Procrastination does not only discriminate itself to school and work. It can carry into other areas of your life including; exercise, getting out of bed, running errands, and so much more. 

How do we fix this? 

Time. Batching. Time batching is a technique that is successful in any area of life. Some people like to use this method when it comes to school/work and running errands – but if you’re crazy like me, you like to use it in your life 24/7. 

This technique is quite simple in that you give yourself an allotted time slot each day to complete tasks. Thus keeping your life in order and making you as productive as possible. Yes – this can include scheduling your “me time” in as well. 

Have a project to work on with a strict deadline? Make your checklist of the steps you need to take (including steps within the big steps) to get it done. Transfer this checklist into your calendar and assign a set amount of time to complete each task until the project is done. This will allow you to focus on each task individually, keeping you away from other distractions. 

Habit #5: Not Being Mindful 

Living a mindful life is not just about being mindful of others. It’s also about being mindful of yourself too. In fact, this is a major part of living mindfully. 

So often we are mindful of those around us, but not ourselves. We don’t pay attention to what we need. Listening to your body emotionally, mentally and physically are key factors to living a productive life that is the best for you. 

What I mean by this is that we can become too productive where we don’t take a break. Causing burn out – which is a very real, not so fun thing to experience. Make sure you are paying attention to what your body is telling you. 

If you feel extremely tired one day, take it easy and go to bed early. Mentally if you’re feeling over stressed to the point of breaking, take a step back and focus on yourself for a bit. No matter what the circumstances – it’s always best to bring yourself back to center. 

Working from a centered state, your centered state, is when we are truly able to be most productive.

6 thoughts on “The 5 Most Common Bad Habits and How To Break Them

  1. Reading before bed is a great alternative to scrolling on social media. That’s something I’d definitely like to implement in my life 🙂


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