Grateful For The Unexpected Good

I had to do my reflection a bit early this weekend but that’s ok! All because of a good cause. 


  • Grateful for time to myself today.
  • Grateful for being able to deep clean my apartment and meal prep.


  • Grateful for work today.
  • Loving how good my meal prep tastes – so yummy!
  • Grateful for the gym.


  • Decided that tomorrow I’m going to start waking up at 3:30am on the dot.
  • Grateful for morning gratitude.
  • It’s officially PSL season!!!
  • Today marks the first day of choreography for cheerleading this year. Beyond grateful to be working with such a great team of dedicated girls.


  • Day one of waking up early and I feel great! 
  • Grateful for yoga, meditation and gratitude. 
  • Just like that choreography is finished and looks great! Can’t wait to see the finished product with their stunts. 


  • Grateful for early mornings again. Spending some extra time with Nala is always a great thing. 
  • Grateful for an easy day at work – but I’m definitely ready for things to pick back up again. 


  • Grateful for an easy day at work – good coworkers – and Mexican food. 


  • Grateful for an awesome workout this morning – and the bowl of fruity pebbles I had afterwards!
  • SO grateful that Anthony’s work is flying him home from Florida to get him away from the hurricane.
  • Grateful to have an unexpected weekend together.

Good things happen unexpectedly. The way we bring the good our way is by keeping an open mind and doing good ourselves.

The more good you put into the world – the more good that will come your way.

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