Grateful For Love

This week’s reflection brings on many emotions for me. Noticing I’m at a point in my life where I’m truly happy has brought me so much joy.


  • Grateful that Anthony is home and away from Hurricane Dorian. 
  • Grateful for time spent together – walking around downtown Syracuse drinking our pumpkin spiced coffees.
  • Grateful for time spent around the table with the people I love. Eating dinner and having good conversation. 


  • Grateful for morning coffee and work dates. 
  • Grateful for another day spent with Anthony. 
  • Grateful for the memories that were created today. 
  • Grateful to be home and back to Nala. I’ve missed her so much.


  • Beyond grateful to get back into my routine today. 
  • Grateful to be back at work and in the swing of things.
  • Grateful for a great run with Nala and extra time to work on the site. 


  • Grateful for morning yoga. 
  • Grateful for a busy day at work and numbers going back up.
  • Grateful for a good day of cheer practice. 


  • Grateful for another good day at work.
  • Grateful to be back to spinning tonight! Although taking 5 days off rocked me. 


  • Grateful that Anthony is flying in again tonight for a wedding this weekend. 
  • Grateful to have time to really sit down and focus some time on writing tonight.
  • Grateful for the facial I had today. It was definitely much needed me time. 


  • Grateful for breakfast dates.
  • Grateful to have spent an amazing day with amazing people. 
  • Grateful to celebrate love. Congratulations Dan and Erica!! 

There has been some unexpected craziness this past week. For this I am so grateful. I’m grateful to be sitting here, across the table from Anthony, both writing and working to expand ourselves. 

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