Create Your Own Happiness

What does happiness look like to you? 

I want you to picture this – think about it – let it sink in. Feel deep down what is truly happy. What does your life look like? What car are you driving? What job are you in? Where are you in life? 

Take note of all these things.

Make A List

Write out a list of the top things you can work towards that would bring genuine happiness into your life. Some of these things may be superficial – but I bet some are geared towards helping others in one way or another. 

Once you have this list put a star next to, or highlight, the top three that you want to work towards in the next few months. Write down your vision for each of these tokens of happiness. How do you plan to accomplish each token? What steps do you need to take to get there?


This is where everything starts to come together. One step at a time work towards achieving these goals. No matter how small the step is, each one is equally important. Once a step is complete – cross it off the list. 

Work, work, work your way through each one. 

Once you’ve completed all of the steps towards completing a goal – you can satisfyingly cross it off your list and get to work on the next one. The most important thing is to continue working on the goals you’ve accomplished. Letting these go will only bring you back to square one.

Stay Focused

Keep your focus on each and every token of happiness by having a strong why. Finding the why for your vision of happiness is so important. This is what is going to keep you motivated to keep going. 


No one is responsible for your happiness except for you. There will be others along on the ride, but you should never rely on them to generate your happiness. Know that you have the power to turn your life into whatever you desire it to be.

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