Grateful to Be Busy

It’s been quite the busy week. I’ve definitely been on the hot mess express the past few days. To anyone who has had to witness that I apologize lol.


  • Grateful for Sunday morning coffee dates.
  • Grateful to spend the day exploring. 
  • Grateful for everyone in my life.


  • Grateful to be able to take the day off and prepare for the rest of the week.
  • Grateful to have time to catch up on sleep and household chores.
  • Grateful to meal prep – this week is spirulina oatmeal, black bean soup, & rice and spinach with roasted curry chickpeas.


  • Grateful for morning yoga and runs with Nala.
  • Grateful for a good meeting at work today.
  • Grateful for a great spin class!


  • Grateful for a good day of meetings at work. 
  • Grateful to have an awesome and fun tumbling clinic for cheerleading today. 
  • Grateful to be starting a new book! 


  • Grateful for good food.
  • Grateful for time spent snuggling with Nala before the gym.
  • Had a kick butt workout! Grateful to be feeling so good. 🙂


  • Grateful for extra time before work this morning.
  • Today has been insanely busy.
  • Grateful for show dates – Anthony and I are finally caught up on The Hills.


  • Grateful to be working this weekend and that they have vegan shepherds pie!
  • Grateful for time spent with Nala this morning.
  • Grateful to be able to see my niece tonight. ♥️

I’m so thankful to be pushing along and getting things done. Although I’ve been all over the place, I’ve somehow managed to accomplish a lot this week.

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