A Lesson In Everything

Things are finally starting to fall into place, you feel as though you’re starting to trend upward and then out of nowhere life throws you a curveball. We all know this feeling and it’s never fun, right? I’m here to tell you that it can be better – just by changing your outlook. 

No, I’m not here to preach “be positive all the time” right now (although you should try your best to be). I’m here to show you how simply changing your outlook can make these curveballs a little easier to deal with. How do you accomplish this? 

Look For The Lesson

You see – whether we realize it or not, life is always teaching us a lesson. From the good days to the bad there’s always something to learn hidden in there. It’s just a matter of finding what that something is that can help make a situation easier. 

Think back to a difficult time in your life. Yes you may have been miserable during that time, but what did you take from it? What lesson(s) did you learn? Maybe it was to not make a decision on impulse or to steer clear of a certain food. Whatever it may be there’s always that lesson. 

But, how do you look for the lesson in the moment? 

Take A Step Back

Let’s use the example of moving (everyone’s favorite thing to do). 

You’ve just closed on a house a couple states over and have thirty days to pack up and move in. How exciting! You’ve taken care of all the stressful tasks like booking the movers and packing up the kitchen, so on and so forth. 

Moving day comes and your movers come in, pack everything up and go on their merry way to the new house. You think everything is good to go and are told to expect your furniture to be there a couple days after you arrive. A couple days come and go, turning into a week – still no furniture (but the company assures you that it will be there by Monday morning). 

Typically anyone in this situation would be so angry at first, some people might stay angry, but others take a step back and find the good (the lesson) in the situation. What would the lesson be here? Simply to notice that life is not about the material things. You can survive without all the extra couches for every room that you had in the old house. 

You’re starting with a blank slate to really decide the things you need and want to keep once the movers arrive. The movers being delayed is allowing you to learn to live a bit minimalistically for a few days. Thus showing you that you may not need everything that you’re used to – allowing you to not take things for granted, and so much more. 

The Takeaway

Hopefully from this brief example you’re able to see how even in the most stressful of situations, there’s always a lesson. The way we change our outlook to find the lesson is to now dwell on what is going wrong. 

Shift your focus on what can go right in a situation. Be open to learning something new – by opening up your heart and mind. 

This is also true of the good in life. Even when things seem to be going your way and you’re moving forward with no set backs, there’s a lesson to be learned. If you actively go seeking these lessons they’re probably not going to jump out at you. It’s when you take that step back to evaluate, or even remove yourself from the situation that you’ll find that something (the lesson). 

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