My Morning Routine

Routines, in my opinion, are key to living a happy and healthy life – both mentally and physically. If you think about it everyone has a routine in one way or another. From waking up and showering to waking up and going through ten different steps each morning. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone through the trial and error process to find the perfect morning routine, and you’re always making little edits to improve upon it. Either way – finding what works for you and sticking to it is key. Everyone should have their staple steps that set them up to have an amazing day.

My Morning Routine

Wake Up 

This is a step that seems obvious – as we all wake up – but the way you go about waking up is vital to setting the tone for the day. You see, you can easily hit the snooze button a bunch of times or you can wake up on your first alarm. 

If I’m being honest with you, I used to be the person that was hitting the snooze button about five or six times each morning. However, I have found a way to combat this by finding my why and using the bedtime setting on my alarm app (I have an iPhone – for those of you that would like to check it out). 

With this feature in the alarm app you can pick the time you’d like to go to bed each night and what time you’d like to wake up in the morning (or just choose the amount of hours you’d like to sleep for). Once this is done your phone will alert you when it’s time to go to bed – but even better it will set an alarm for you that plays peaceful music that wakes you up more naturally. 

No more super loud alarms that give you a heart attack when they go off in the morning. 

I have found that this really makes a difference in getting out of bed everyday. I wake up feeling more calm and in a centered state versus waking up feeling panicked and out of whack. 


The next thing I’ll do in the morning is about ten minutes of stretching based yoga. After a night of sleep your muscles can be tight and your alignment thrown off a bit. Setting aside a few extra minutes each morning to stretch and get your body moving will not only help wake you up, it will stretch out those muscles and help realign your body. 

This step is also key in waking up your internal body as well (wake up your digestive system). Movement first thing in the morning gives your metabolism the extra boost it needs to wake up and get to work. This in turn will help keep you regular as well. 


 As soon as I’m done with my mini yoga practice I hop right into a five minute meditation. Some days I will use a meditation app and go through a guided meditation – other days I will do my own thing and really focus on my breathing. I base this off of how I’m feeling each day. 

Typically I will do this in Shavasana (corpse pose). For me personally meditating in this pose allows me to not focus on anything else. Whereas when I do a seated meditation I find my mind wandering to my body and keeping my spine aligned, sitting up tall, etc. 

When I meditate I attempt to keep my mind as clear as possible and only focus on my breath. This step in my routine is vital to starting the day off right. It allows me to open my mind and heart to the day and kick it off with a clear mindset. 

Lemon Water, Supplements and Coffee

This is one of my favorite steps! Not because I’m drinking water – because I am also making my coffee at this point as well as taking care of and hanging out with Nala. This step is also a multitasking step which I feel gets me ready to take on all the multitasking I’ll be doing throughout the day. 

To make this breakdown as short and simple as possible I’ll touch on all three parts of the step separately. 

First things first, coffee. Well, making the coffee. Every morning I make a pour over. The aroma of the coffee from this method fills both my apartment and my soul. While I’m waiting for the water to heat up I move onto making the lemon water. 

With the lemon water I drink I alternate days of adding apple cider vinegar to it as well. The normal lemon water I make is with half a lemon (squeezed) and room temperature water. When I add apple cider vinegar I’ll add two tablespoons to the lemon and water. 

From here I begin taking my morning supplements. Added to my water is a drop of Vitamin D3 – I also take a probiotic and collagen every morning as well. Once I’ve taken these supplements and drink the full glass of water I take a Vitamin B12 gummy. 

By this time I am beginning the pour over and feed Nala. 


Journaling has played the biggest role in my mornings as far as getting my thoughts down on paper. Meditation helps clear my head, but journaling allows me to empty the remaining thoughts I have. Every morning I’ll go through one of two types of journaling – gratitude and brain dumping. 

Some days I’ll stick to gratitude journaling. Which for me is more organized and to the point. Other days I’ll feel the need to simply brain dump – which consists of getting all my thoughts down on paper. Whether it’s something to do with work or life in general, this process is unorganized and just a scramble of words and phrases thrown down into a journal. 


Once the coffee is made, lemon water is drank and Nala is fed – we hang out for a few minutes to let her food settle, then head out on our morning run. Yes, I know I’m crazy getting two forms of movement in every morning. 

This step is more for Nala than it is for me though (or at least that’s what I tell myself). I find that exercising her every morning keeps her more calm throughout the day. So we’ll go for a mile run in the neighborhood. Some days if she isn’t keeping up or I’m just too tired to run, we’ll go for a two mile walk instead. 

Shower and Get Ready

This step is also vital to my morning routine because it is another chance to unwind and get into a centered state of mind and body. It allows you to focus on going through your routine of showering and to keep your focus on methodically doing each step. 

While getting ready throughout this whole step I’ll also listen to some sort of motivational speech on youtube or catch up on one of my favorite motivational podcasts. I view this time as “me time” and really focus on building myself up throughout the day. 


Coffee in hand, the last step of my morning routine is to spend some quality time with Nala. If she has a burst of energy we’ll play – but usually by this point she’s worn out from our run. So we’ll just hang out and I’ll get some puppy snuggles before work. 

With how busy life can get I find that we often put spending quality time with our pets to the side. In reality we should be making this a priority as its not only important for them, but for us as well. Spending time with your pet can help ease any anxiety you may have about the day.

Make Changes

One thing that I will always preach is to be open to change. Making changes in your routine (morning or night) will help you evolve and grow. It’s good to switch things up every once in a while. So don’t be afraid to try something new. 

Should you have any specific questions about the steps in my morning routine, or steps that I no longer implement, please feel free to reach out to me. Leave a comment, shoot me an email, text or DM me. 🙂 

16 thoughts on “My Morning Routine

  1. I have a very similar morning. But, in order for me to settle down at night, I journal before I go to bed. Gratitude and planning for the next day helps me relax so I can wind down and go to sleep. Maybe I should try yoga in the morning. I like that idea.

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