Grateful for A Slower Week

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time to reflect back on the week! It hasn’t been the most exciting week, but it’s sure one to be grateful for. 


  • Grateful for coworkers that come to hang out when I have tables set up for work.
  • Grateful to be back home in my own bed.


  • Grateful to only be working a half day today.


  • Spin class tonight! Beyond happy to have a friend coming to class to try it out.
  • Grateful to be catching up on sleep tonight. Pretty sure I’m getting sick.


  • Grateful for a busy day at work. 
  • Grateful for little notes. ❤
  • Grateful for time spent with Nala.


  • Grateful for FaceTime dates with Anthony.
  • Grateful for an awesome class tonight.


  • Going into work late today – grateful for extra time with Nala this morning.
  • Grateful for the love and support of those around me. 


  • Woke up feeling a little bit better today. 
  • Grateful to make it through an amazing class that was full of so much energy this morning. 
  • Grateful to be home this weekend to catch up on cleaning and laundry. 
  • Grateful for Cheeburger Cheebuurger having vegan options!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week filled with so much joy and passion. Let’s gear up to crush the week ahead!

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