Toxic is Toxic

When you hear the word toxic what’s the first thing that pops in your head? Is it a person, place or thing? Maybe it’s a habit.

As you probably already know, the definition of toxic is poisonous. Throughout life we experience toxicity in various ways. Whether it is experienced through what we put in our body, our daily habits, those we surround ourselves with, or the media we consume. Toxic is toxic. 

The way our body reacts to this toxicity is different for everyone. What isn’t different is the way you feel once you rid the toxins from your life. You feel a sense of relief, positivity and joy. 

Life’s Toxins

As I just mentioned, life can tend to bring along many toxins. It’s how we decide to live with or without them that makes the overall difference.

Food and Drink 

To kick off the list of toxic things life has to offer, let’s start with food and drink. What you put into your body determines how you feel internally and externally. Something as simple as the food we eat can make a difference in feeling good or bad about yourself. 

Think of it this way – 

If you were to consume pizza and beer everyday for a month what would it do to you? It could cause weight gain, slow you down mentally and physically, bring on spouts of depression,  make you unhealthy overall. Think of how you would feel – would you feel good mentally and physically? 

Versus – 

If you were to consume salad and water everyday, treating yourself once in a while. How would you feel? I’d guess that you’d have more energy, you’d move around easier, feel more alive and ready to take on life. 

Daily Habits 

The habits that you perform day in and day out can make a huge difference in your overall health. We’re all guilty of having some toxic habits at some point in our lives too. This is ok as it’s natural to pick up on things (both good and bad). 

A couple of examples of toxic daily habits are: hitting the snooze button, not drinking enough water and procrastination. What if you were to reverse these habits and do the complete opposite? Would you feel accomplished, more awake, ready to take on life’s obstacles? 

Who You Surround Yourself With

Have there been individuals in your life that build you up? How about ones that bring you down? Do you feel better being built up or torn down? 

Both types of people can be family, friends, peers, coworkers, or even strangers you pass walking down the street. No matter who it is – it’s what you decide to do about those who are toxic that will affect your life. 

This is the hardest life toxin to act upon, especially if the toxicity is coming from a family member or close friend. How do you handle this?

Some people are firm believers in cutting out all toxicity no matter who or what is bringing it into their life. Others believe in working on their personal development and growth to better handle toxic situations.

Whatever you decide is best for you know that you’re not stuck in one situation for a lifetime. You have the power to make changes over and over again until you find the right balance with the people you feel fit best into your life.


Oh boy is this one a biggie. Ever notice how the news is always portraying the negative stories? They very rarely publish the good that is happening in the world. Why is this?

Negativity catches your attention. 

These negative stories can be found in the paper, on news channels and on social media. Anywhere you put your attention there’s something negative lurking. Negativity = toxicity. 

How do you combat this? You can take a social media hiatus, scroll past anything that looks negative, or contribute to the positivity that’s out there. I’m a firm believer in practicing all three from time to time. 

Not everything you see is negative, you just have to look a little harder for the positive. However, giving yourself a bit of a break from consuming media will aide in having a more positive outlook. You just have to be open to the good and block out the bad. 

Toxic is Toxic

Things that are toxic will never not be toxic. The same can’t be said for things that are not currently toxic to you. You may be able to consume peanuts now but in the future become allergic. Thus making them toxic to your wellbeing.

Making it your goal to live the least toxic life possible will bring you great joy but also some hardships as well. For this we should be grateful as with each hardship comes a great lesson to be learned. Life is a learning experience from day 1 to 100 (and on).

It’s up to you to live life the way you want to live it. Toxin free.

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