Body Language for Motivation

The way you carry yourself can have a huge impact on the way you live your life. It affects everything from your thoughts to your movements – from your emotions to the way others perceive you. 

Bottom line is your body language is everything. Especially when it comes to your motivation to get through the day. 

The way you sit, stand and walk all play a role in how you feel. It’s the difference between having positive and negative feelings/thoughts. Your personal body language is the ticket to getting yourself ramped up to go about the day. 

What about body language makes it so powerful? 

Nonverbal Communication

The way you hold yourself sitting in a meeting, when you walk into a room, or when you wave and smile back at someone are all instances where based on your body language alone, others are going to form their opinion of you. They’re going to think you’re confident or insecure, whether you’re a positive or negative person. The choice is up to you which one you want to be. 

If you walk into a room all slouched over with a frown on your face others are going to think you’re a negative person. Whereas if you walk into the same room with a smile on standing up tall, others are going to think you’re a positive person. The same applies to other situations as well. 

Based on their r quickly formed opinion of you, this is going to dictate how you start to feel about yourself as well. Should they think positively of you they’re going to treat you in a positive manor. Thus making you feel positive about yourself and vice versa to the negative. 

Stand Good, Feel Good

Ever hear the phrase “Look good, feel good”? This is the same concept but with your body language. The more you work on having good posture the better you’ll feel. In turn this feeling will carry over to your emotional state and have an influence on your level of motivation too. 

Do a little experiment with yourself this week and learn the true effects of having good body language. Slouch and mope around a bit and see how quickly your motivation will turn south. Then practice sitting up tall, keeping a positive outlook and having confident body language while alone and with others. How does that make you feel? 

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